Thursday, March 10, 2016

This is a post all about how my life got flip-turned upside down...

We didn't become royalty of any LA suburb, unfortunately. However, the TV household is no longer based out of Columbus, Ohio.

It all started back in July. TV Dad got a job offer after not having taken down his resume from LinkedIn. Yes, you're reading that right, someone found him on LinkedIn and offered him an interview. He asked me if he should go, because the interview was for a job in another state. It was something we had never discussed before. I told him to go for it, what's the worst that could happen? So he did. And the offer they gave him, basically on the spot, was amazing. The company was fabulous. There was plenty of growth opportunity for him, something his previous job no longer afforded him.

So...  I spent the remainder of the summer packing our house, finding a new one, qualifying for the mortgage, figuring out what to do with our old house, making moving arrangements, and figuring out a temporary living situation for TV Dad. He moved out to go to work and would come home on the weekends.

He was less than 200 miles away, but it felt like it was across the country. I gained a new respect (not that I didn't have respect before, but now it was magnified) for spouses who are either parenting by themselves or while their partner is deployed. It was the hardest four months of my life as a mom.

October 23rd, we officially signed the mortgage paperwork for our new home in Indianapolis. It's my dream home (except for the kitchen, unfortunately, which was designed by a tiny Asian woman who wanted something like she had back home... I get it, but I have grandiose plans to redo it eventually). It's more than double the size of the house we were living in. It's got a finished basement, which we have given mostly to TV Boy to house his toys/video games. It also has a lovely mother-in-law suite down there, which has served well for the many visits of TV Grandma (sorry Mom, that's the name you get here!). We finally have a real guest room. All amazing things.

But I had to leave everything I've ever known behind. For the first time in my life, I had to get to know a new city. Yes, I was one of those freaks that went to college in the same city I grew up in. I never lived in a different city, unless you count my father's house after he remarried, which was a suburb of my city, haha!

Anyway, I digress!

Moving has been hard, mostly because I left my entire social life behind. TV Boy made friends with kids just up the street. TV Dad has new friends at work. I've been struggling to find groups to make new friends for myself, but no one tells you how hard that is in your thirties!

All this to say, I'm so sorry to any of my loyal readers (did I ever have any of those?) that I let this gig fall by the wayside. I'm hoping to force myself to get back into it! I'm considering making a change to more general entertainment instead of just kids stuff in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience. All in the pipes for now, of course!

As a fun little bit, I have actually been keeping up with The TV Mom Facebook page. Just this past week, as part of a farewell to MythBusters, TV Boy made a little LEGO scene of Jamie Hyneman blowing up a TARDIS. I posted a video of him explaining it to the Facebook page, and it went WILD! I still don't know if Adam or Jamie saw it, but look at these numbers!

17K people saw this... what???

So, do TV Boy a little favor and hit up the page, watch and click like/share/or comment on his video. He would lose his mind if Jamie or Adam replied to it! Help his little six-and-a-half year old dream come true!

Here's hoping for more new content from your (presumably) favorite TV Mom!