Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's the Hubbub with Jackée Harry!

Last night, while you were watching primetime TV, I was interviewing someone who had been ON primetime TV! As part of my membership with The Hub Club Bloggers, I was invited to a video chat with Jackée Harry of television's Sister Sister and 227 fame! Jackée has won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and has played numerous roles both on screen and on stage.

Image courtesy Hub Network.

So, I asked you on my Facebook page if you had any questions for the shining star Jackée. Most of you seem to remember her better from her time at 227... and I'm going to admit something here. While I was indeed young during that show's run, I watched adult television with my parents, and I do not remember this show. I must have been in some weird time warp or something. I remember M*A*S*H, I remember Murphy Brown, I remember Cheers, I even remember when Steve Martin was still on Saturday Night Live. But my knowledge of this show is pretty slim and I don't know why! However, when I asked her about her catchphrase on the show, she obliged, and it kind of rings a bell. Still, like many my age, I remember her as Lisa, the mother on Sister Sister who finds out her adopted daughter has an identical twin and that they were seperated at birth.

Image courtesy Hub Network.

The Hub Network has recently acquired the syndication rights to Sister Sister, and in celebration of that fact, they are having a "Tia and Tamara-thon" of back to back episodes this Friday night at 7pm Eastern.

Image courtesy Hub Network.

They also are beginning a new webseries called "Hub Network's What's the Hubbub?" in which they sit down with the stars of their shows and have bloggers ask them questions, which is what I did last night on their inaugural episode! My questions for Jackée were about her time on Sister Sister, her favorite role from her time in theatre, her weight loss secrets from her time on Celebrity Fit Club, her philosophy on life, whether she liked television, movie, or theatre acting best, and more. Check out the video below and listen for my super-loud radio voice (I was in morning radio about ten years ago). Jackée was so fun to chat with!

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