Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yes, I've finally watched Bravest Warriors!

Thanks to our awesome Loot Crate this month, the TV Household decided to take the dive into the world of Bravest Warriors. I have seen Catbug pretty much everywhere at this point--and I LOVE him!--and wanted to add to my geek-lore background and finally know what he's all about.

Image copyright Frederator Studios.

It's for SURE not a "kids show", that much is certain. I knew that going into it. However, I was surprised in the fact that it's definitely not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Since we don't have viewing limits on TV Boy (yes, we're unschoolers, it's a thing here...), he watched along with us and loved it. Most parents are probably not so lenient with their kids' viewing habits, and I understand that. Chances are, though, if they have a fan of Adventure Time, they may have noticed the animation is pretty much identical (being that it's another Pendleton Ward creation, that's not surprising). While the visual similarities abound, the differences do even moreso. I will say that Bravest Warriors has more continuity and more of a storyline than Adventure Time does, and it's not quite as strange.

That said, it's definitely worth watching first before you let your kids dive into it whole hog. If you have teens who are interested, let them have at it. There isn't anything on there that they wouldn't see in a primetime sitcom, really. Be sure to pop over to my article on to see more about the show!

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