Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Jungle Book on Blu-ray - A look at the Special Features!

While I was in Los Angeles, Disney released the classic animated feature The Jungle Book on Blu-ray Diamond Edition. While the movie is impressively remastered for today's HDTVs, there is also a plethora of special feature fun included! If you're a behind-the-scenes geek like I am, you will be head over heels in love with this disc!

Image courtesy Disney Home Entertainment.

Pop over to the Kids' Cartoons page at to see more about these special features! 

And don't forget to click on my interview with Floyd Norman that is linked the article! When I was touring the Disney Animation Studios last week, they have their own courtyard of fame complete with bronze handprints. And who did I happen upon?

Image copyright (c) 2014

Yeah, how cool is THAT? It was amazing to see someone I've interviewed with their name and handprints in bronze on the Disney lot! I put my hands up there too after I took the picture. It was probably the closest I'll get to shaking Mr. Norman's hand personally, haha!

I know you're also itching for more photos and information from my trip to L.A. last week, and I promise, they're coming soon! In fact, the entire month of March will be "TV Mom's L.A. Trip" month here at! So much to share with you all! Stay tuned!

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