Friday, February 28, 2014

Disney's The Pirate Fairy SWAG!

While I was in LA this past month, I had the opportunity to see some of the amazing product lineup that is being released along with The Pirate Fairy! Of course, you know all about the fun I had with Crocky already, but there's plenty more where he came from! We got to see the whole upcoming line of new fairy gear, much of which is already available at your local Disney Store.

There are some great kids' outfits, costumes, and super cute jammies...

Images courtesy Disney.

Random side note... I totally wish the Zarina dress--bottom purple one--came in grown up size! There WILL be cosplay involved from this gal, even if I have to figure out how to sew it myself! Although, mine will likely be closer to her brown outfit she wears in the film.

They didn't forget about the grown up fairy lovers though...

Images courtesy Disney.

Also coming soon is a line of LeSportSac bags featuring our favorite fairy friend!

Images courtesy Disney.

The one on the bottom right unzips into a huge tote bag! How cool is that?

And, of course, a whole line of awesome toys, books, and plushies ready to swoop into the hearts and bedrooms of fans!

Images courtesy Disney.

We bloggers got to take home some books!

Obviously, we bloggers in attendance were given a sampling of cool gear to take home with us. I don't have a daughter, so I instantly claimed the toys since TV Boy isn't huge into dolls (unless it's a Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl doll, which is on his wishlist for his Easter basket this year... go figure). However, not having a daughter apparently also hinders my ability to free the poor things from their plastic prisons! It took me fifteen minutes and a pair of scissors to get my awesome Zarina (the main character) fairy doll out of her box while TV Dad laughed hysterically at me from the other side of the room.

From plastic prison to freedom!

Of course, as soon as I got her out, I had to play with her. And, being a dork, I took her around and posed her in various places in the house...

Crocky was not amused.

Here Obi-Wan, I've got this.

Yes. I totally have a time-anomaly battle going on between Darth Vader in the suit and young Obi-Wan Kenobi on top of our lizard's tank. This is normal for me, I swear! I could totally see Zarina telling a Jedi he's "doing it wrong" when it comes to swordfighting. She's my kind of gal like that.

Be sure to watch out for more posts about Disney's The Pirate Fairy, due out April 1st on Blu-ray combo pack! I have some fun Q&A with the creators to share with you! Stay tuned, TV fans!

Disclosure: The TV Mom received review items in compensation for this post, along with a trip to Los Angeles and a preview of the film. Views and opinions expressed are solely those of The TV Mom and and are not in any way influenced by receipt of the items pictured. Please see my Disclosure tab for more information.

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