Saturday, February 8, 2014

CLUE: The Movie, Airs Tonight on Hub Network!

When I mentioned to TV Dad that I have yet to see Clue: The Movie, the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Yeah, so Clue airs tomorrow night."
Him: "Awesome."
Me: "You know, I've never actually SEEN it."
Him: (Silence, then) "I don't know you."

So, yeah. I never actually got to see the movie. It first premiered in 1985, and it wasn't my parents' cup of tea at the time, and I just... never got around to it. Same thing for Nightmare Before Christmas (GASP! Don't throw things!)

Honestly, the first Tim Curry movie I saw was Rocky Horror Picture Show... Funny story about that. My parents took me to a theatre to see RHPS. I was six (yeah, my parents were laid back, so what.) When my mom told me what we were going to see, I heard Rocky and Bullwinkle. I put on my "moose and squirrel" socks and decked my acid washed jean jacket out in my finest Rocky and Bullwinkle buttons, of which I had a rather impressive collection. The whole time, even with the live actors in front of the screen on the floor, I kept wondering where the moose was. (And don't worry, I was well asleep before the "Toucha, Toucha, Toucha" number. I was one of those kids that could sleep pretty much anywhere... and I never asked a lot of questions haha!)

Image courtesy Hub Network.
I still see him in a corset.

So, I will check a movie off my bucket list tonight at 8pm Eastern/5pm Central on the Hub Network. And, they were kind enough to send me this fun little movie watching box as a treat!* Hot cocoa, Junior Mints, Popcorn (in two flavors!), Peanut M&Ms (my favorite!), and a blanket to snuggle up underneath with our treats to watch the movie, which is perfect for the O-hoth-io weather!

Let's all go to the lobby...

Also, be sure to catch an encore of Stan Lee's Mighty 7 (which they sent me a DVD version of as well) right before the movie airs at 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific!

*This is a sponsored post as part of my membership with HubClub. Please see the Disclosure tab for more information.

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