Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rich Collins ROCKS!

I'm in the middle of a serious fan-girl day. Not only do I get to interview Moises Arias (voice of Antonio in Despicable Me 2 and played Bonzo Madrid in Ender's Game), but Rich Collins, aka "Mover Rich" from The Imagination Movers, EMAILED ME PERSONALLY to thank me for buying from his website! He even sent me this "cool bonus pic" of him rockin' out:

Image courtesy Rich Collins. All rights reserved.
Never in all my life have I had such friendly and PERSONAL service from a musician! So, this is my treatise to all of you readers to check out his site http://www.richcollinsmusic.com/ and buy his album! (His music, I think, is quite reminiscent of Sister Hazel's style of southern rock. Which is why I adore it, because Sister Hazel is one of my all time favorite bands.) Pretty please support his work! He's just too awesome not to!

Love you Rich! Keep Rockin'!

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