Monday, December 23, 2013

It's a Super Mickey Mouse Party!

Just in time for the holidays, we were given the opportunity to have a little family viewing party for the new DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure!

Image courtesy Disney.

We were sent a fun party kit, although thankfully this time it didn't involve me making anything (see the Popcorn fiasco from the Jake and the Never Land Pirates party post!)

First, we hung the new Mickey Mouse glove balloon ornament on our tree.

Mickey and the gang fit right in! Can you spot the Millennium Falcon?

Then we donned the Mickey Mouse santa hat.
(Not pictured, TV Mom in said hat. I don't have makeup on today!)

TV Boy grabbed his Mickey crayons to color a picture of Mickey in his new
Mickey coloring book. Can you tell we're working on proper writing instrument holding?
And that TV Boy hasn't picked a dominant hand yet?

TV Boy's coloring creation. He's a minimalist I guess.

Loyal fuzzy friend Doggie got a chance with the santa hat.
Trust me, he still looks better than I do.

A fun pack of trading cards (super sized!) comes with the DVD!

It included a fun lenticular card! I tried really hard to get a good picture of this
because it's really neat in person. Cameras don't do well with lenticular things.

"Yoink! Those are mine!"

Cool comic book beginning!

Here we go! (TV Dog is not nearly as excited about participating.)

Moving in to get a closer look at the most exciting part of the episode!
Check out my review of the DVD over at the Kids' Cartoons page! Thanks to my friends at Click Communications for letting us have this super holiday party! Your kids can join in the fun too with this Super printable fun pack!

Click Communications: BLOGGER BUTTONS &emdash;

Merry Super Christmas from the TV Household!

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