Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Despicable Me 2 on Blu-ray and DVD TODAY!

The Minions are back, just in time for holiday gift giving! That's right, your favorite yellow sidekicks and their lovable but "evil" boss, Gru, are on Blu-ray and DVD today! According to the Despicable Me website, there are several different extras you can pick up along with the movie... a Minion Lunch Box at Best Buy, Minion figurines at Walmart, and an Anti-Villain League Handbook at Target!

Image courtesy Illumination Entertainment.

As a special treat, I was given the opportunity to interview voice actor Moises Arias, who plays Antonio in the film!

Moises with his character Antonio.

This kid (I say that like I'm some old lady at thirty, ha!) is so incredibly well-spoken, so articulate, and so busy! I predict bright things from him as he enters his twenties! Be sure to click the link above and see what he had to say about creating an animated character, as well as his role in Ender's Game... you know the geek in me couldn't let an opportunity to ask about THAT slide!

And, for fun, when you bring the movie home to your family, why not whip up a tasty batch of Minon Munch Mix! (And attempt to say it three times fast with a mouthful!) Click the link below for the recipe as well as some fun activity sheets to go with it!

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