Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TMNT for the XBOX 360!

Alas, TV Dad had his day in the sun with this review... a video game! He was so excited when I told him I was expanding into the realm of cartoon-related gaming. He got to HELP! In fact, he got to play the game while I watched and took notes!  I couldn't very well do both things by myself, now could I? Even better, he and TV Boy got to play together, and neither of them was bored and asking when I would be done watching this so they could watch/do something of their own. "TRIUMPH!", says I!

Image courtesy Nickelodeon/Activision.

So yes, this is my expansion into all forms of children's media that I have been talking about (or, perhaps you noticed my slight re-wording on the ol' header up there). Kids cartoons don't end when the show is over anymore. There are video games, accessories, and apps for crying out loud. So much for our kids to become engrossed in their favorite characters, in ways we couldn't even have imagined in the '80s and '90s when we were flooded with character everything, from under-roos to toilet paper.

Be sure to stay tuned this week for my review of Disney's Planes as well as an interview! :)

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  1. Hello,There are two things about this game that I dislike.On the off chance that your going to make a single player TMNT game it needs to be something special.You circled beating up bad guys over and over in the same way.I wouldn't say it makes the game bad,but since your doing likewise over and over it gets to be repetitive.That single word (repetitive) kills all single player video games.Its fun for a couple of hours,however after that it turns into old news over and over.Indeed the levels feel and have a striking resemblance.In the event that this game would have been multiplayer with more different approaches to mix up the combat it would have been something more,or possibly have a camera you can move around.Good day.

    Amanda Carter.