Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disney Planes... out TODAY!

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This was one of the movies that came out this summer that I never made it out to see in a theatre. I was really bummed, because TV Boy loves planes and Disney's Cars movies, so it was going to be awesome to see them on the big screen. However, time got away from us this summer. So when I was offered the chance to check out the Bluray combo pack from Disney, I jumped at the chance! 

The story, for those of you who maybe haven't seen it yet, is a young crop duster plane (who is conveniently named Dusty) wants to become an ariel racer plane and leave his quiet, boring, crop-dusting existence behind. He enters into a contest that is a race around the world, with several world-class racers. 

Dusty must overcome his fear of extreme heights and his crop-dusting ways in order to become a world class flyer. Along the way, he meets some interesting new friends and foes, including two planes named Ned and Zed, voiced by Gabriel Iglesias... who I got the pleasure of talking to on the phone! (Click the link to read my full interview!)

Be sure to pick up your copy of Disney's Planes on DVD and Bluray, out TODAY! Also, to continue the high flying fun, you can download fun activities by clicking on the images at the top and bottom of this post! 

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