Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rah Rah Roar! Monsters University Available TODAY!

Attention all scarers! Monsters University is available to own TODAY on DVD, Blu-ray combo pack, and 3D Blu-ray from Disney!

Image courtesy Disney.

Now, I'll be honest, I didn't get to see this one out in the theatres myself. It was a busy summer and by the time we had the time, its run was already over. So when Disney offered me the opportunity to review the Blu-Ray, I jumped at the chance (and not out of fear!)

The film is really adorable, and not at all the buddy film I was expecting. It was actually a sad story about a monster who wants to have it all, but just doesn't cut the mustard to live up to his lifelong dream of being a top scarer. Poor Mike! I know what it's like to be the shortest, least scary one of a group (many of my high school friends were in the goth/grunge movement of the 90's... ha!). Meanwhile, Sully is skating by on his family name recognition, since his father is a renowned scarer, when in reality he knows very little about the art and mechanics of a good scare. I thought it was interesting that initially, Sully and Mike weren't even friends, but rather direct nemeses. I really got a good sense of how their friendship developed through the adversity both faced in the film. The writers did a fantastic job with showcasing the changes that both Mike and Sully went through. (And now I'm a huge fan of the new monster, Art, who is a Philosophy major like I was in college... those jokes were written just for me!)

The Blu-ray combo pack includes the film on both Blu-ray and DVD (thankfully, since TV Boy only has a DVD player in his room!), as well as all the special features on a separate Blu-ray disc. The special features are exactly what film buffs like myself are going to love: lots of behind the scenes footage of animators, story writers, musical composers, directors, deleted scenes, and what fun it is to work at Pixar. I'll admit, TV Boy petered out after a while watching adults using technical terms, but I soaked up every second of it.

Here are some neat sneak peeks as well as some fun printables from my friends at Disney Home Video (do they still call it that? Showing my age a bit here!) to get your little monster ready to bring home their favorite scarers!

Download Monstrous Halloween Activities

Recon - Monsters University Deleted Scene on Disney Video

Gag Session - Monsters University BTS on Disney Video

Designing the Campus - Monsters University Featurette on Disney Video

Rivalry - Monsters University BTS on Disney Video

First Contact - Monsters University Blu-ray Clip on Disney Video

ROR Material - Monsters University Blu-ray Clip on Disney Video

OK Initiation - Monsters University Blu-ray Clip on Disney Video

Terri, Terry and Art - Monsters University Blu-ray Clip on Disney Video
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