Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Time! The Hub Network Halloween Bash is HERE!

I finally have the green light (and the time to sit down at the ol' computer desk) to tell you, dear readers, all about my exploits in L.A. with The Hub Network's First Annual Halloween Bash!

Image courtesy Hub Network.
Thanks to my friends at Hub Network, they flew me out to Los Angeles last weekend (you knew that) so that I could attend the taping of the Halloween Bash.

First and foremost, we got to attend the red... er, purple... carpet arrivals. This was probably my favorite part, and you'll see why in just a second. We got to meet and chat with all the stars who were invited, presenting, hosting, and judging. Picture time!

Family Game Night host Todd Newtorn.

Khylin Rhambo who plays Dink in the new Ender's Game movie!

Kenan Thompson arriving (one of the best shots I got of him all day)

Actor Nick Purcha from the new Spooksville series.

Voice actor Jaden Betts from Doc McStuffins. 

Ian Patrick from ABC's The Neighbors series.

Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family.

Nick Purcha and Keean Johnson from Spooksville.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Modern Family) and Chloe Noelle (True Blood)

The only other half decent shot of Kenan Thomspon.

Singer Cody Simpson.

Judge Coco Jones.

Nolan Gould from Modern Family.

Joey King from Oz the Great and Powerful.

Judge Hal Sparks

My favorite pic of Hal Sparks! He looked right at me and made this face.

Judge Martha Stewart.

Musical Guest Fifth Harmony.

Do you see what I see??? (And what stars on the carpet saw!)

The set!
And now for the best parts of the whole day for me: The hug and thumbs up I got from THE Bill Nye The Science Guy! Ahhhh! Does my gigantic smile give you any indication as to how big of a moment this was for me??? I got to HUG BILL NYE! (Insert geek-girl squee here.)

Bill Nye hugged me!!!
Thumbs up indeed!
Oh yeah, and then there's this...

Image courtesy Getty. I don't have an account, so watermark it is.

That's me, photo-bombing Martha Stewart and Hal Sparks. I'm a dork, yes, but the fact this exists in the world makes me beyond proud. I tweeted it to Hal Sparks, but he never responded. Poo. So, Hal, if you read this, sorry you have a dorky crazy redhead over your shoulder, but I did what had to be done! Ha!

My only note for Hub next year when it comes to pulling off Bash #2: Have a kids-only category. I was kind of down to see only one kid in the final six. There were definitely some kids I think would have been up front and center had they not been up against some of these professional costumers and cosplayers. Give them a more fair shake next year and make a "cute kids" category! :)

Now for a sneak peak clip, care of Hub Network! (And yes, I think that *IS* the kid who does the break dancing on SYTYCD!)


Be sure to tune in to Hub Network TOMORROW NIGHT, Saturday, October 26 at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific to see what I saw! Comment with your favorite costume!

Also, don't forget to tune in earlier on Saturday for the new animated series, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch on Hub Network!

Disclaimer: Hub Network provided travel and accommodations for me to attend this event. Opinions expressed herein are all expressly those of and were not in any way influenced by Hub Network. All images Copyright (c) unless otherwise stated.

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