Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween from!

October has been a month of incredible things here at and I am excited to get to work on some awesome new stuff for November, including video game reviews... squee!

Here is some stuff to keep you busy for the rest of this very busy week in parenting land (Halloween, plus here in Ohio, some severe weather to go with it! Should make Trick or Treating interesting!)

First of all, Hub Network is replaying the Hub Halloween Bash one more time, at 8pm Eastern on Halloween night. You have one more chance to look for me in the crowd! Now, I obviously know where I sat and I noticed myself right away a couple times (one of which was me quickly shoving a cookie back in my purse coming out of a commercial break... shows take a long time to tape and I was HUNGRY!), however, for the regular viewer, I might be tougher to spot. Check out stage left/screen right in the bleachers and look for green... that's me (I was shiny and sparkly too!) and the gal sitting next to me who was dressed as Peter Pan!

Bloggers on the purple carpet... I'm front row, second from the left!

Speaking of which, I wanted to give a special link "shout out" to all my new blog-world buddies! Please check out the following sites and tell 'em The TV Mom sent you! Be sure to like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter too! Spread the love!

(Note: If you're one of my blogger friends and you don't see your site listed, give me a shout! These are the ones who emailed me back and/or I followed while I was in LA. I'll get buttons up soon too for those of you who sent me one!)

Then, this Saturday, Hub Network premieres new seasons of Littlest Pet Shop and.... drumroll... MY LITTLE PONY! That's right Bronies, your pony pals are returning a little earlier than previously announced! Yes, you'll have to sit through another showing of Equestria Girls (heck, maybe you like it as much as my little Brony does lol!), but they're back baby!

Also, be sure to watch here at and on my Facebook page for a giveaway to celebrate my 2 year blog-aversary, which is coming up in a couple weeks, believe it or not! (So is my thirtieth birthday, but shhhh! We're not talking about that!)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and bring on November!

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