Friday, October 18, 2013

Big News!

So I've been keeping kind of hush-hush about this here on the blog, but if you follow my Facebook page, you already know...

Image courtesy The Hub Network.

I'm headed to Los Angeles in the morning tomorrow to cover the Hub Network Halloween Bash! I will be live-blogging the event (if I can get a battery case for my phone!), including my brunch with network executives, the red carpet event, and the taping (minus the winners, of course). To use a Pinkie Pie term, I'm so "nervous-cited"!

Yes, I have a costume all picked out (thanks to me being a geek and going to Renaissance Festivals!) to possibly walk the red carpet on Sunday. I will do my best to get a least one picture of myself to prove I was there! But I definitely plan to get lots of pictures of my surroundings at the event and during my free day on Saturday, which I am hoping to be able to use to do some sight seeing! It's not every day this Ohio gal gets to traipse around the West Coast!

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With Love,
The Travelin' TV Mom!

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