Monday, September 9, 2013

The Hub's First Annual Halloween Bash!

My friends at The Hub Network are all super excited about their first annual Halloween Bash! Kids of all ages can enter the Halloween Costume competition in one of six categories:

·         Howl-arious – Shows the lighter side of Halloween with a take on a fun, funny or otherwise hilarious costume.

·         Spook-tacular – Get ready to frighten America by showcasing the most spine-chilling costume for all the ghosts and ghouls out there.

·         Mad Genius – Unique, original, innovative and never seen before. A knight in armor fashioned from bottle caps, bat wings made from old umbrellas, or a cardboard-box jet pack, the possibilities are endless. Display a costume unlike any other — show your Mad Genius.

·         Blast from the Past – Take a stroll down memory lane with a timeless costume. Memories, nostalgia and yesteryear brought to life. Show your take on great figures from before the 20thcentury or a retro 50’s sock hop get up, 60’s flower child or other “period” inspired costumes.

·         Animal Kingdom – Transform into a living creature from the past or present. Be a roaring lion, a school of jellyfish, a firefly, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

·         Everyday Stuff – We're looking for the coolest refrigerator/freezer, remote control, mailbox, block of Swiss cheese, telephone and more.  Be creative and transform the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

Keenan Thompson... image courtesy The Hub.

Then, on Saturday, October 26th, special guest host Keenan Thompson (of SNL and 90's Nickelodeon show All That fame) along with Halloween maven Martha Stewart and a panel of celebrity judges will showcase the costume competition where semi-finalists will duke out the costume coolness for the grand prize of $25,000 and a walk-on role on R.L. Stein's "The Haunting Hour" series!

For more information on how to enter, complete rules, and to check out the current competition, visit! The deadline for entries is Sunday, September 29th, so be sure to get your costumes in before then!

If any of my readers makes it into the semi-finals, be sure to email me using the contact tab at the top of the blog so we know who to root for! I'll be sure to share your entry far and wide and post it on The TV Mom Facebook page!
Let the spooking begin!

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