Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Regular Show... Yeh-yah!

Regular Show is one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows at the moment. The humor is similar to Adventure Time, but not nearly as weird. In fact, the characters Mordecai and Rigby remind me of guys I went to school with over the years, and some of the stupid stuff they'd do in the name of fun. (Those of you who know me from that era, you get to guess to which of you I'm referring... muah-ha-ha-ha!)

So, you all know how much I LOVE my job, right? Because I really do. I get to do reviews of awesome stuff... like Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons on Blu-ray. That's right, my friends at Cartoon Network hooked me UP. And I tell you what... this one got a full five stars from me. Why, you ask? Well, the discs included just about everything I could want in a Blu-ray release: Animatics? Check. Commentary? Check. Behind the Scenes stuff? Interviews with people who work on the show? Checkedy-check check. I am a happy cartoon geek with this one! I can't wait until it "hits the street" in a couple of weeks so fans everywhere can snap this baby up.

Image courtesy Cartoon Network.

In short, I highly recommend picking this one up when it releases on July 16th. You will NOT be disappointed if you're a fan.  And if you know me "in the real world", maybe if you're nice I'll lend you my copy. Maybe.

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