Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventure Time Seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-ray

"Come along with me..." Adventure Time! I know I have a LOT of readers who are fans of this show. I, personally, think it is beyond weird, but I see the appeal. It's different than other shows (and boy is that an understatement!), it's amusing, and the music is actually pretty rad. Plus, I tend to love anything voiceover actor John DiMaggio touches.... (by the way, if Mr. DiMaggio's people end up finding this post somehow, he is on my list of legendary voiceover actors to interview! Call me! Pretty please?)

Things are finally dying down here in the TVhousehold (boy, I need to think of a better term for that... I don't live in TVLand, and I might get sued if I use that one... hm. I'll sleep on it I guess.) after two birthday parties, two separate cakes-with-fondant-that-I've-never-used-before, a birthday trip to the zoo, family, TV Dad's and my seventh wedding anniversary and subsequent Columbus-area food tour (did you see all my tasty treats on my TVMom Instagram account?)... I was finally able to give these discs the attention they deserved!

Image courtesy Warner Home Entertainment.
Image courtesy Warner Home Entertainment.

So, here it is, my discussion on the Adventure Time seasons 1 and 2 Blu-rays! Check it out and be sure to pick up your copies, in stores now!

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