Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My First Bad Review... and an interview update.

That's right, folks... my first BAD review of a show. I went into it with an open mind, I really did. I promise. I wanted to like this goofy new show on The Hub. I want to like everything I watch, really. But this time, I was so thoroughly disappointed, I couldn't hide my disdain in the "First Look".

SheZow - Image courtesy The Hub.

The show I'm talking about is SheZow, which premieres this weekend on The Hub. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE The Hub. I love everything that The Hub stands for. But this time, they really missed the mark. See what I have to say about it here at the Kids' Cartoons page.

The good news is that The Hub has TONS of other awesome programming that I adore. Like The AquaBats! SuperShow! for instance. I did my interview today. Unfortunately, M.C. Bat Commander was out of town for the holiday, so instead I got a chance to chat with co-creator Jason Devilliers and "Ricky Fitness", Ricky Fallomir. They were both super cool dudes and we had a lot of fun chatting. I think, since it's a BLOG EXCLUSIVE!!! that I'm going to upload the audio (after some audio tweaking and trying to remember my radio producer days*, of course). So, be sure to stay tuned to the blog here at for that fun interview!

(*Yes, really. I was an assistant producer for a morning radio show right before I graduated from college. It was an incredible job that I loved enough to wake up at 4am for. I miss it... sometimes. Until I get to sleep in until 9am, that is.)

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