Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Remember when "googling" as a verb sounded dirty?

Yes, I was bored so I "googled" myself (and yes, Google, I really used YOUR search engine, so I'm using the verbiage properly!). I can assure you, most of the images that come up under my name are NOT me (although it seems to index my YouTube and Twitter accounts pretty well). Interestingly, I found a couple other sites had picked up my interview with Daniel Ingram and were giving me some free press... so I thought I'd be nice and return the favor!

Me with Daniel Ingram at the MLP Coronation Concert in Feb.
Yes, this guy is seriously that photogenic in real life.

DerpyHoovesNews.com: http://www.derpyhoovesnews.com/about-com-kids-cartoons-daniel-ingram-interview/

RoundStable.com: http://www.roundstable.com/2012/11/15/daniel-ingram-talks-to-about-com/ 

Pop over and give these sites some love. Tell 'em TV Mom sent you! And THANKS BRONIES!

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