Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TV Mom goes Pony!

Via General Zoi's Deviantart pony creator app.

The countdown until the My Little Pony Coronation Concert event is on... just three more days until the event, and only 2 more until I brave a cross-country, multiple-layover flight with a 3 year old by myself! I'm really excited! (Oh yeah, that's me as a pony up there. You can click the link in the caption to make your own. Yes, she has a TV as her cutie mark. I felt it was appropriate. And yes, my hair is really that color!)

If you haven't been on my Facebook Page lately, then you'll want to see what exciting thing showed up in my mail today...

That, my Bronies and Pegasisters, is the screener copy of the already-controversial coronation episode. It's a cute little storybook. TV Boy went nuts and had me read it (it's all of 4 board-book style pages) as soon as I opened it. It definitely has made me more excited for my trip this weekend.

My full write up (spoiler-free version) will be up on my page soon, and then I'll amend it after the episode airs. Also, be sure to watch this weekend on the Facebook page and my @TheTVMom twitter account (links to both are in the side bar), because I'm planning to live-blog the entire Coronation Event! I even got an iPad so I can travel more easily (my Macbook Pro is kind of cumbersome on airplanes, trust me).

Until then, pony on!

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