Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Interview with Tress MacNeille

Image courtesy Warner Brothers Studios.
Have I mentioned just how much I love my job? How awesome it is? I, a lowly little freelance writer and mommy blogger, manage to score interviews with amazing cartoon legends like Tress MacNeille. You might recognize her as the voices of Dot Warner (pictured), Daisy Duck, Agnes Skinner on the Simpsons, Babs Bunny, Chip (from Chip and Dale), or Merriweather the blue Disney fairy from Sleeping Beauty. I tell you what... when I got the email that she agreed to an interview with me... I think I squealed loud enough that Tress herself could hear me in California all the way from here in Ohio. And all thanks to the Animaniacs returning to television on The Hub.

So, without further ado, here is the BIG FAT LINK to my interview with the one and only Tress MacNeille on! Click it! Read it! Be jealous of me!

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