Monday, November 19, 2012

First Look: Littlest Pet Shop

Hey TV Mom readers! Sorry it's been so quiet around here. The month of November took a few turns I wasn't expecting. There was a death in my family a few days after my birthday (I was posting on the go for my last entry, unfortunately, which led to some typos that I got raked across the coals by the Brony community for... sorry, DJ-Pon3 is a girl, I know!), and after a week of being two states away from home for the funeral, I came back to have a minor surgical procedure I wasn't planning on. It wasn't a great way to start off my thirtieth year on this planet, for sure. So, with all that said, I finally have some new content for you!

Image courtesy The Hub/Discovery Networks.

In case you've missed it, The Hub premiered their new series, Littlest Pet Shop on November 10th. There are only about three episodes so far, but if you have a little girl, it's worth checking out. TV Boy isn't so enthused with it, honestly, because there is a LOT of pink and adorableness that he isn't entirely on board with... and that's coming from my son, the Brony. He did, however, enjoy the adorable press kit I got that looks like the pet shop and includes a little "elevator" that he can play with... I don't know what it is with this boy and elevators lately, but it attracted him like a moth to the flame.

Check out my full article about Littlest Pet Shop at my page!

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