Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wanna Trade?

Since I'm still fairly new to the whole blogging phenomenon (by which I mean getting a blog noticed among literally millions of them), I am offering up a bit of a bloggy social experiment of sorts.

I would like to do an ad swap with some popular "mommy blog" style blogs. By ad swap, what I mean is a sort of "you grab my button and share it on your blog side bar, I'll do the same for you" sort of deal. No money involved, but we're both getting our names out to each others readers.

Now, this may turn out awesomely, or it may crash and burn in my face.

The only stipulations I have are as follows:
*Must be for a parenting-related or family-friendly-geek blog.
*Your graphic can't be ginormous. 125x125 pixels only please.
*I have to approve your graphic beforehand (shoot me an email with it).
*You use mine that is off to the side ---> there. (The little TV)

If you are interested in sharing in my experiment, please shoot an email to thetvmom(at)gmail(dot)com or use the Contact TV Mom page and put "Ad experiment" in it somewhere in the form :)

Remember, experimenting is fun :)

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