Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Premiere alert: TMNT

Image courtesy Nickelodeon (c)

What child of the '80s/'90s didn't grow up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Did you not sing "Go ninja, go ninja, go!" like the rest of us? Well, Nickelodeon is capitalizing on the popularity of our favorite mutant pizza munchers and is debuting a new incarnation of the "heroes on the half shell" on Saturday, September 29th at 11am EST/PST.

The cast includes some interesting names...

*Jason Biggs (Jim from American Pie) as Leonardo (yes, really... I'm not joking)
*Sean Astin (Sam from Lord of the Rings) as Raphael
*Greg Cipes (Teen Titans) as Michelangelo
*Rob Paulsen (Planet Sheen) as Donatello. Mr. Paulsen also voiced the original Raphael from 1987-1996 in the very  first TMNT series.
*Mae Whitman (Amber from TV's Parenthood and also the voice of Tinkerbell in many of the DVD movies) as April O’Neil, in a teenage version instead of her twenty-something reporter form we're used to, which will be interesting to see.
*Hoon Lee (Royal Pains) as Master Splinter
*Kevin Michael Richardson (Penguins of Madagascar and Cleveland Jr. on The Cleveland Show) as Shredder

The show will air on Nickelodeon stations, available on cable and satellite providers. Please check your local listings for channel information.

All I can say so far is that at least these turtles have pupils in their eyes... you hear me, weird pupil-less eyed early 2000's turtles? You were creepy!

And for the record, my favorite turtle was Donatello :)

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