Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog redesign and other nifty stuff

You may have noticed that the blog looks a little different now. With the launch of my site today, I felt it was time to bump up the fancy here on the blog. I have changed the name from "Confessions of a TV Mom" (maybe there's nothing more to confess? I don't know... I just didn't like it as much anymore) to just plain old "The TV Mom", and to go along with that change, I treated myself to a fancy new domain name! You can now easily find me here at There is also a fancy new "grab it" button to go with it, for you to share the TV Mom goodness.

Finally, there is a new picture of me and the TV Boy on my About TV Mom page. Do you know how hard it is to get a three year old to smile nicely on a MacBook Photo Booth? I almost wish I could post all the pictures we took so you can see the progression it took to get a semi-decent shot. It seriously took well over fifty pictures to get one where a) TV Boy wasn't sticking his lower jaw out all Jim-Carey-as-Fire-Marshall-Bill-like, and b) where I didn't have psychotic eyes from trying to hold a smile too long. In fact, just for good measure, I'm going to include the Fire Marshall Bill shot. Someday, he will hate me for it, but then I'll just remind him that he should have taken a nice picture with Mommy like she asked and it wouldn't be an issue.

I promise you, he's normally really cute, not frightening beyond all reason.
Thanks again for all the outpouring of support I've gotten since I made the announcement about the site! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page and give it a like :)

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